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I know what you’re thinking - get to the goods!  Our initial product will be our signature piece, the mid-weight shell.  For the gearheads out there, the mid-weight shell falls into the alpine mountaineering category, but we like to call it the Fundamental Shell.  It’s our year round, go-to piece, perfect for rainy days in the city, snowy days in the mountains and everything in between.  With the right set of layers, it’s versatile enough to be the last shell you’ll ever buy.

Traditionally, alpine mountaineering shells are designed with climbers in mind, featuring an athletic fit with minimal pockets and lightweight fabric, to keep weight and bulk down.  We’ve kept these features in mind in our design, but we’ve taken a few liberties to make our Fundamental Shell more practical for everyday use.  First, we’ve incorporated a slimmer cut for a flattering, close-to-the-body fit.  Second, we decided to use a slightly more substantial fabric for increased durability and warmth, so you can wear the Fundamental Shell in all seasons.  Lastly, we incorporated larger chest pockets than you might typically see, to make sure you have room for all of your stuff.

Keeping in mind the specific needs of men and women, we’ve designed two slightly different versions of the Fundamental Shell.  The women’s version is cut smaller in the waist and a little longer in the back, to highlight the natural female shape and fit perfectly.  Guys, we know you want to look good too, so we’ve given you a tailored cut with defined shape - the antithesis of the boxy shell you might have now.  Additionally, each Fundamental Shell includes a small exterior pocket perfect for chapstick, a sunblock stick or your ID, located on the left bicep for men and the left forearm for women.

There’s one last feature we’re particularly proud of that we’re integrating into all of our pieces, including the Fundamental Shell.  We think it’s going to make your life a little easier and keep your phone a little safer.  But instead of giving it all away now, we’ll leave you with this little teaser… more details coming soon.




The Fundamental Shell is in development now, as you can see from the design renderings, so stay tuned for more posts on its progress as it happens, as well as pictures.  We’re eager to hear your thoughts about what we’re planning and what else you’d like to see in the Fundamental Shell - let us know in the comments below!

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