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Now seems like the perfect time to give you a little background on Ethan, the founder of Toren, and a few other integral members of the Toren team.  We don’t want to bore you with a stack of resumes, but we do think Toren is the sum of its parts, so we wanted to share a little about who we are.  And who doesn’t love a human interest piece??

Ethan describes himself as a “skier, cyclist, photographer and global traveler.”  He grew up outside, skiing as soon as he could walk and hiking and camping at every opportunity.  In college, he helped open a climbing gym in the Boston area, and after graduation, Ethan moved out west to Vail, Colorado, where he worked as a Vail Resorts ski instructor and coach.  After his stint as a professional powderhound, Ethan left Vail to return to the east coast for a career in finance and law before starting Toren earlier this year. As they say, behind every great man, there is a great woman.  Ethan met his wife Sarah on his first day at college, on a pre-orientation backpacking trip.  Since then, the two have been on incredible adventures together, including a three-month road trip through the western United States National Parks, a honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand and a recent backpacking trip through Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia.  Besides Ethan, of course, Sarah’s great love is traveling, and she is out exploring the world every chance she gets.  She now works as an attorney in New York City and is an invaluable resource to Toren, advising on everything from business strategy to women’s products to grammar. Another key player in the Toren team is Amber Tonn, Toren’s Director of Marketing and Social Media.  Amber is a self-proclaimed gypsy at heart, moving from small town Minnesota to Colorado to New York City to Southern California. An explorer, ballerina, snowboarder, yoga teacher, fashionista and writer, she is always up for a new adventure to add to the resume of life. Her recent climb to 17,500ft in the Peruvian Andes was an incredible reminder of the powerful perspective that nature brings.  She is drawn to Toren’s vision of functional stylish apparel that can go everywhere with her. Caleb Lummer handles the web design and technical aspects of Toren.  He grew up in the mountains of the Southwest and can’t seem to pull himself away from the area.  More often than not, Caleb is out climbing, kayaking, fishing or sailing.  When he’s not outside, Caleb handles large scale e-commerce projects, with a particular focus on Demandware and Magento sites.  His creative aesthetic combined with his passion for the outdoors makes him the perfect fit for Toren. Last, but certainly not least, Kim Brannock is Toren’s designer.  Kim has worked in the technical apparel industry for 16 years, cutting her teeth designing for some of the most respected names in the industry, including Patagonia, Marmot, Spyder and Cloudveil.  Kim and her team bring their significant experience in the outdoor and snowsports industries, as well as their collective love for outdoor sports to their intensive design process. That’s a quick glimpse of our team here, but when we said we think Toren is the sum of its parts, that includes you guys, our readers and future customers.  You define Toren as much as we do, and we want to know your stories!  Leave a comment below and tell us about yourselves!

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