Toren is a Process

Here at Toren, we’ve been talking a lot about development, and how we want to include you in ours.  Before we get ahead of ourselves and in an effort to foster a productive dialogue, we thought we should explain exactly what development means in the technical apparel industry.  In our world, development is the process that takes a garment from a concept to a completed, market ready product.  This includes initial design, material sourcing, prototyping and finally, bulk production.

Our development process is one of the ways we differ from other technical apparel brands out there.  Traditionally, once manufacturers have completed their final prototypes, they’ll spend the next nine to twelve months shopping that product to retailers to gauge demand before starting bulk production.  This guarantees that brands will only manufacture the amount of product they expect to sell, which is a reasonable way to do business, but means that the total development process can take as long as two years.  We think tying a product up for two years is just too long.  So instead of going the traditional route, we’re going straight from prototyping into bulk production to tighten the development cycle to less than a year.  Streamlining the process will allow us to react more quickly to the needs of our customers, stay on the cutting edge of the newest technology and most importantly, get the products into your hands sooner!

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