Fundamental Shell Development Update

Without further ado, here’s your first glimpse behind the scenes into development (if you’re curious about what development is, check out yesterday’s post).  We’re making strides on our Fundamental Shell and are now focused on fabric and color selection.  As promised, we’re making you a part of every step along the way, so we can create the best technical apparel for you, with you.

Right now, the Fundamental Shell is in the prototyping phase of development.  Prototyping is the phase when the product is transformed from a sketch to a reality - the moment we’ve been waiting for.  During this phase, our team works with the factory on a number of rounds of design and construction revisions, including testing for things like the appropriate weight of the fabric or the functionality of velcro and zippers.  Once prototyping is complete and we’re satisfied with the final result, we’ll move into bulk production.

In our prototyping for the Fundamental Shell, we’ve developed a 3-layer fabric with Toray, a leading Japanese manufacturer of high performance textiles.  The Fundamental Shell will feature a laminated membrane, which will make it both waterproof and breathable.  The fabric we’ve developed is lightweight but durable, so it’ll be able to withstand whatever abuse you throw at it, but will also be comfortable and not too bulky.  Based on the feedback we’ve gotten, we’re considering an inky indigo color, a bright orange-red and a vibrant aqua blue, with contrasting trim colors for men and women (we’ll talk more about trim later).  As soon as we get samples of our colors back, we’ll post pictures to get your feedback (although don’t hesitate to let us know what you think now).

We’re expecting to get our next (and hopefully last) prototypes of the Fundamental Shell around the end of this month.  Rest assured that as soon as they’re in our hands, we’ll be posting pictures so you can see how they’re looking.  The Fundamental Shell should be ready to ship out to you in Spring 2014, and as soon as we have a date on the calendar, we’ll let you know.

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