Toren is Invading Your Living Room

You’re going to have to wait a few more months before you can get our jackets in your closet, but that isn’t stopping us from invading your home in other, more ingenious, ways.

When we’re working here at the Toren office, we constantly have music on in the background, and typically, we’re using our AppleTV to facilitate the tunes. If you’re familiar with AppleTV, you know that when you play music, it defaults to screensaver mode pretty quickly. Using our AppleTV so frequently made us realize how sick we are of the standard screensaver that comes with the device. So, we’d like to announce the Toren PhotoStream! (We know we had you thinking we were going to give you a playlist, but it feels a little too early in our relationship for a mixtape.)

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve done the legwork of curating a set of beautiful, inspirational and generally awesome photos of the outdoors and people getting into nature. Some of these photos are our own, some of them are taken by our friends, and some of them are the real deal, taken by professional adventure sports photographers.

Unlike the standard screensaver, we’ll update the Toren PhotoStream regularly, so it won’t get stagnant and there will always be something new on your TV. If you’d like to sign up for the Toren PhotoStream, please go to the PhotoStream link above or click here, read the instructions and we’ll send you an invitation. A quick note about PhotoStream -- it might take a little while for images to initially load. This is normal, and while a little frustrating in this era of instant gratification, we promise it’ll get there if you give it a few minutes.

If you have photos you think belong in the Toren PhotoStream, send them our way and we’ll do our best to include! For now, we hope you enjoy the view.

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