The Toren Fit

Everyone wants to look good.  And without completely indulging our collective vanity, we think that’s pretty reasonable.  While there are a handful of technical products out there now that have a flattering fit, we think they are few and far between.  On principle, we don’t think you should have to hunt through stores for a jacket that makes you look and feel great - that should be baseline.

Fit has been and will continue to be one of our most frequent topics of conversation here at Toren.  It was one of the principal reasons we started Toren and it's something we've spent a lot of time figuring out.  Our products are designed to fit with a slim athletic cut, tailored to highlight the best parts of your body, unlike many of the boxy cuts on the market now.  We think you’re going to love how you look in our products, and you’ll be pumped to put them on.

With that said, we recognize that our fit will be different than many of the brands out there and you won’t be able to try our products on in a store, so you might be a little nervous about how to choose the size that’s perfect for you.  To make sure you get it right, we’ll be offering free shipping on all purchases of $95 or more and we’ll give you the option of receiving two sizes, so you can try on both and see what works best.  As long as you send the size you don’t want back to us within seven days via the pre-paid return shipping label we’ll include in your package, the home try-on will be completely free to you.  To make it even easier, we plan on integrating technology into our website that compares our sizing to the sizing of brands you’re already familiar with.  Most importantly, we’ll be available online to chat or skype and via email or telephone to discuss the products and fit.  And if you happen to find yourself in New York City, come on down to the studio to try on our products in person!


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