Color Update

Our color samples are back!  After we integrated your feedback to the color palette we posted a couple of weeks ago, we sent our colors to the factory in China to create textile samples. These samples, called lab dips, are created using the specific fabric we developed with Toray. The lap dips are really exciting because it’s the first time we get to see what our color choices look like on our actual fabric.

We think they look great - even better in person than on a computer screen.  The dark blue is inky and rich, but neutral enough to fit into every wardrobe.  Our red-orange is a vibrant pop of color, perfect for those of us who like bright pieces in our lineup.  The light blue came back darker than expected, and while it's a beautiful blue, we’re leaning towards a fresh, brighter green-blue to round out the collection, perfect for spring.

What do you think of our color samples??

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