The Epic Race

You might have seen that Vail Resorts announced their Epic Race contest a few weeks ago.  If you missed the announcement, the Epic Race is a contest to ski all of Vail Resorts’ 26 mountains in North America and Europe as quickly as possible.  The first ten people to ski all of the mountains will receive a season pass to all of the Vail Resorts, called an Epic Pass, for life. In addition to being an awesome gauntlet to throw down, Vail has a special place in my heart because I lived and taught there.  If you couldn’t guess, this is my kind of race.

Ever since we read that press release, we haven’t stopped daydreaming about how we might attack this challenge.  Okay, I did a little more than just dream - I may have created a detailed spreadsheet including mountain opening dates, the most efficient route, and the cost of planes, trains and automobiles from California to Switzerland.  But getting around is only half the battle.  We’ve also been carefully considering what gear we would bring with us to achieve that perfect balance of having everything you need for four weeks of skiing on the road, without carrying your entire closet.

We’re not giving away all of our secrets on our routemap (we want to win, of course), but here’s our initial thoughts on what we would pack:

Have you been dreaming about this as much as we have?  How would you attack it and what would be on your must-take list?

See you on the road.



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