Color Update #2

A few weeks ago, we showed you our first set of Spring 2014 color samples from the factory.  Now that you’ve had a flavor for our colors, we hope you’re as excited as we are for the final color line!  We’re sticking with the indigo and red/orange we showed you previously, but we’ve replaced the medium blue color with the fresh turquoise pictured above, perfect for those bright spring days.  Our dark blue color will be offered for both men and women, and we think it’ll be the perfect neutral piece. We’ll also offer the vibrant red/orange for men and the cool turquoise for women.

The colors are truly beautiful in person.  After the first run of the Fundamental Shell in Spring 2014, we’re going to expand the line and continue to add new colors each season.  We hope you like the line as much as we do -- you helped shape what it looks like today!

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