Fabric Update

Development of the Fundamental Shell is nearing the final stages, but as you know, we’re already working on the next Toren pieces. There’s a whole universe of outerwear styles that we’re chomping at the bit to produce! Ethan recently met with Toren’s fabric suppliers, Toray, to discuss future plans for Toren and new fabric and insulation technology Toray is developing.

We’ll be introducing a number of new pieces in Fall 2014, including at least one insulated jacket, and we’re psyched about the exciting new synthetic and down insulations from Toray. For our first insulated piece, we’re leaning towards synthetic insulation, which performs under all conditions, unlike down, which loses its heating capabilities when wet. We were impressed with Toray’s new four-way stretch synthetic insulation, which is a brand new technology and provides the same warmth as Primaloft One insulation, Primaloft’s premier product.

In addition to an insulated jacket, Fall 2014 will bring the debut of Toren’s mid-weight pullovers, perfect for layering. Toray is creating new knit fabrics which feature four way stretch for comfort and durability, which we think is a perfect combination.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about what Toray is up to - their R&D will help bring new technologies to Toren and you at revolutionary new prices.


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