Way of Life

As much of the country got clobbered with ice last week and the east coast got its first winter storms this past weekend and today, winter is officially here.  Between the turn for wintry weather and our recent viewing of TGR’s new movie Way of Life, we’re jonesing to hit the slopes.

Wolf Creek got a 20” dump last weekend, and with nearly 150” of snow already this season, we think it’s the early season spot.  TGR’s Way of Life featured Fieberbrunn in Austria, which looked truly epic, with waist deep powder. TGR also highlighted the backcountry near Selkirk in British Columbia, which looked like spectacular terrain, as well as a dedicated community of skiers, some of whom have been skiing in the area for over 70 years.  This year, our dream trips include Jackson Hole, British Columbia, and as always, Alaska.  Where are you dreaming of going this year?

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