Proto 2

We’ve gotten our second prototype back from the factory and are pumped with the results!  While Proto 1 was proof-of-concept of our design, Proto 2 is much closer to the final iteration of the Fundamental Shell.  There is still some work to be done - extending a zipper here, tweaking our logo placement there - but we’ve refined many of our features and details in this prototype. Proto 2 is made with the exact three-layer waterproof rip-stop fabric we developed with Toray, and despite the minor alterations we still need to make, we can tell the Fundamental Shell is going to hit just the right balance between lightweight but still durable. This prototype was made in a vibrant orange, and it looks great with the contrasting black trim.

We’re also excited to let you in on one of the details we had been keeping up our sleeve - the Fundamental Shell will feature a clear polyurethane inner chest pocket, which allows you to use your smartphone through the pocket!  Not only is this a super awesome way to access your phone, but this innovation will go a long way in protecting your phone from getting wet or damaged in nasty weather conditions.

Check out the teaser pics of the second prototype below!

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