It’s All in the Details

Now that the design of the Fundamental Shell is nearly complete, we’ve shifted our focus to a few last details -- branding and labels.  We’ve been working hard designing these elements and are excited to share some of the finished graphics below.

The inside of the Fundamental Shell will have two labels, one for size and one for care and content.  Rather than looking at these elements as purely informational, as most of our competitors do, we’ve approached them as unique design features.  We’ve taken this opportunity to incorporate crisp, modern visual elements that enhance the look and feel of the garment and echo our spirit.

In addition to the two internal labels, the Fundamental Shell will feature our circular graphic logo on the left forearm and our name on the back of the collar, under the hood.  We’re pretty pumped about the placement of our logos - it’s distinct but also discreet enough to not make you a walking billboard.

You’ll notice illustrations of topographical maps running throughout our design, both on the translucent pocket fabric and on the edges of our labels.  This detail stems directly from our name, which means “craggy mountain range” in Gaelic (for more info about our name and logo, click here).  Apart from our love for topo maps, we think these graphics are a sweet way to represent the mountains we love so much.

Let us know what you think of the results!


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