Notes from the Road

Despite winter’s best attempts, Ethan made it to China safe and sound and has had an exciting and productive trip so far.  Here’s a quick update from the road:

“Landed in Shanghai yesterday.  Was able to explore the city a bit before heading back to the hotel to prepare for today’s meetings.  It’s a nice city, big like NYC and with lots of skyscrapers, and the food is amazing.  After dinner, I crashed around 9:30pm after 30 hours of travel.  Woke up early this morning to clear skies, ready to meet the Toray reps on the ground.  After introductions, we made our way to the factory, one of the largest outside of Shanghai, where we met with on-site managers, worked on the third prototype and got a comprehensive tour of the facilities.  After seeing everything going on here, I have a full appreciation for all that goes into the manufacturing of these products, and am confident that we're producing something really great.”

Once Ethan is back stateside, we’ll post a full report on his visit, including pictures of the factory and surroundings.  Stay tuned!


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