Product Testing in the Polar Vortex

If you haven’t heard, New York is getting crushed by a second round of winter air dubbed the “polar vortex,” bringing with it almost a foot of snow!  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out the Fundamental Shell prototype and check out how it really stands up to the elements.

As expected, we stayed warm and dry, which is no small feat in these conditions.  The waterproof zippers kept out the snow and wind, and the hood fit well over a winter hat, staying out of our line of sight.  The shell also went a long way in breaking the wind, and we arrived back at the studio warm and happy.  We had Ethan layered up over his cotton button down, with a lightweight down puffy (800 fill goose down) and the Fundamental Shell on top.  Although the temps were in the low teens with a windchill getting down to around 1º, Ethan (who admittedly runs freakishly hot) was good to go.  That’s more than we can say for Stella!

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