OR Recap – Guest Post

Hey guys - Jake here, psyched to be writing the first guest post for Toren’s blog.  As a guest writer, here’s a little bit about me: I'm a technical apparel and gear industrial designer in Denver and went to OR to check out the industry trends and new technologies. As Toren wasn’t able to send anyone out to OR, I’m here to report back on some of the highlights.

Heritage and High Visibility. These are two trends that are in different stages of popularity in outdoor gear and apparel. Most of the product that was being shown at this OR will be available in Fall 2014. Its safe to say that your classic backpack styling and flashy neons will be here to stay at least for a little while longer.

Urban Outdoors. Outdoor brands are figuring out that they need to cater more towards their non-core consumers. Outdoor adventure is becoming more and more popular but John Q consumer isn't ready to hand over his whole paycheck on a technical puffy just yet. Companies are (or should be) finding ways to reach this demographic and develop product that makes sense to them. This same demographic is also looking for ways to get outdoors without getting too far from the city. Vendors are beginning to see the value in making their outdoor gear function as well and look as good on the trail as it does in the city. Smart, and Toren is ahead of the curve on this one.

Beer. Vendors will do whatever they can to get retailers into their booths to look at product. From Timbuk2 to Danner Boots, EVERYBODY at OR was selling or giving away branded stainless steel beer steins that came with free refills. Good work fellas.

That’s a wrap on Winter OR 2014. Looking forward to the day that we see the Toren product at OR!  Until the next time...

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