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Caleb Lummer, Toren’s Visual Designer and Software Architect, is the man behind Toren’s website and visual elements.  Next week, Caleb is headed on an adventure of a lifetime - a month long trip to the Himalayas, including an expedition to Everest Base Camp.  We sat down with Caleb to chat about what he gets into when he isn’t working away at his computer, as well as his upcoming trip.  Check out what he had to say below.

A month long trip to the Himalayas!  How did this plan get organized and what are you most excited for?

I was graciously offered a spot by two of my dear friends in Colorado. We’ve shared a lot of good experiences together, so when they offered me a spot on the trip, I was obviously thrilled. I’ve wanted to set foot on Everest my entire life.  For me, a lot the prep work has been more physical than gear related.  I’m obviously going to be bringing some Toren gear with me for the elements, but also I’ve been doing a lot of running at 9000ft to prepare for the difference in elevation in the Himalayas.

When you’re not journeying halfway across the world, what’s your favorite outdoor activity?

Fly fishing. Hands down, it’s my zen. It’s my quiet place and where I’m able to reset my mind. My second favorite is sailing. I have a couple sailboats and find that sailing is one of the more challenging things you can do. There are a lot of things you have to get exactly right every time and I enjoy that. It keeps me on my toes.

What drew you to Toren?

Ethan reached out to me initially and I was very inspired by his thirst for the outdoors and sense of adventure. I felt like we shared a lot, including the same appreciation for design and well thought out products.  He included me and made me feel excited to be a part of what was going on at Toren.  Toren’s philosophy is fresh and Ethan and Sarah both have fantastic ideas and a great direction that they’re looking to take the brand.  I’m thoroughly pumped to be onboard.

If you could go back to one place you’ve been before, where would it be?

The Eleven Point River in Missouri. It’s where I learned to fly fish.

Any really terrible outdoor mishaps?

I got strep throat once on a 9 day river trip with no way out.  That was pretty unpleasant.  But my worst mishap hands down was trekking thru the Mojave with a compass that had its polarity reserved.  Major drag.

What’s the best piece of gear you’ve acquired?

It would absolutely be FireSteel.  Living in Arizona, I’ve learned to rely on FireSteel for any type of situation outdoors.  I’ve really gotten used to using it rather than matches or lighters and really enjoy the experience of finding the right tinder to make a successful fire. But a very close second favorite piece of gear would definitely be my Goal Zero Nomad 13.

Words to live by?

Create the things you wish existed.