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I know what you’re thinking - get to the goods!  Our initial product will be our signature piece, the mid-weight shell.  For the gearheads out there, the mid-weight shell falls into the alpine mountaineering category, but we like to call it the Fundamental Shell.  It’s our year round, go-to piece, perfect for rainy days in the city, snowy days in the mountains and everything in between.  With the right set of layers, it’s versatile enough to be the last shell you’ll ever buy.

Traditionally, alpine mountaineering shells are designed with climbers in mind, featuring an athletic fit with minimal pockets and lightweight fabric, to keep weight and bulk down.  We’ve kept these features in mind in our design, but we’ve taken a few liberties to make our Fundamental Shell more practical for everyday use.  First, we’ve incorporated a slimmer cut for a flattering, close-to-the-body fit.  Second, we decided to use a slightly more substantial fabric for increased durability and warmth, so you can wear the Fundamental Shell in all seasons.  Lastly, we incorporated larger chest pockets than you might typically see, to make sure you have room for all of your stuff.

Keeping in mind the specific needs of men and women, we’ve designed two slightly different versions of the Fundamental Shell.  The women’s version is cut smaller in the waist and a little longer in the back, to highlight the natural female shape and fit perfectly.  Guys, we know you want to look good too, so we’ve given you a tailored cut with defined shape - the antithesis of the boxy shell you might have now.  Additionally, each Fundamental Shell includes a small exterior pocket perfect for chapstick, a sunblock stick or your ID, located on the left bicep for men and the left forearm for women.

There’s one last feature we’re particularly proud of that we’re integrating into all of our pieces, including the Fundamental Shell.  We think it’s going to make your life a little easier and keep your phone a little safer.  But instead of giving it all away now, we’ll leave you with this little teaser… more details coming soon.




The Fundamental Shell is in development now, as you can see from the design renderings, so stay tuned for more posts on its progress as it happens, as well as pictures.  We’re eager to hear your thoughts about what we’re planning and what else you’d like to see in the Fundamental Shell - let us know in the comments below!

wp1Guys, we’ve got BIG plans.  You already know that we founded Toren to create high quality, stylish technical apparel at a fraction of the price currently offered by the market.  In this era of informed, savvy consumers, we think it’s important to explain exactly how we’re going to make good on our promise.

Generally speaking, the technical apparel market operates in the traditional retail model.  This means that a brand manufactures a product, retailers (like your local gear shop or REI) buy the product and those retailers sell the product to consumers.  As you might expect, at each stage of the process, the price of the product goes up.  We’ll give you a quick example using the fictional brand “Outdoor Co.”  If Outdoor Co. makes a jacket for $100, in order to earn a profit, they might sell it to retailers for $200.  The retailer will in turn sell it to you for $400, so they can make a profit too.  The only person losing out in this equation is you. You might be thinking, “wait, plenty of brands are also selling online, directly to consumers – why are their prices still so high?”  The reason is twofold.  First, these brands can’t sell their products for a lower price than the price offered by retailers (their partners).  That would damage relationships with retailers, and it would look pretty silly if the same jacket were to cost 50% less at Outdoor Co.’s store than it did at REI.  Second, these brands and retailers have tons of stores throughout the country, each of which costs money.  Don’t get us wrong, we love playing on the climbing wall as much as the next guy, but it’s not cheap to keep the lights on. By selling online, we can accomplish two goals.  First, by eliminating the retail middle men and their markup, we can pass those savings along to you, our customers.  Second, instead of spending money on tons of retail stores, we’re spending money on what we think is most important – the best materials and thoughtful, useful and flattering design.  Toren’s equation is simple: great product - everything in the middle = a happily outfitted customer.

Toren is ...

September 25, 2013


Our Story  

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Toren is _______.

We can think of hundreds of ways to finish this sentence.  Through this blog, we’re going to offer a few of our ideas in an effort to give you guys, our readers, a sense of who we are and what we’re doing.  But our hope is that as you get to know us, you’ll offer some ideas of your own, and in doing so, will help us to grow and continue to define what Toren is.  We’re eager to get started!

Here goes.  We’ll begin with a very straightforward way to fill in the blank.  Toren is a new technical apparel brand, created with the goal of delivering high quality, thoughtfully designed products at a fraction of the price currently offered by the market.  What does that mean?  It means we’re going to make apparel that fits really well, features the newest technology and innovations and is manufactured at the same factories as the big guys.  But we strongly believe that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to have a stylish shell to hit the trail or keep you dry during your morning commute, so we’re going to sell exclusively through our website, to ensure that we can give you the best possible prices.

Now that you have a sense of what we’re doing, let’s talk about who we are.  Toren is skiers, snowboarders, hikers, runners, climbers, surfers and more.  Toren is a community of aspiring athletes, whether we’re out there every day or squeezing in the time around busy work schedules. We live in big cities and small towns, and our desire to get outside unites us.  What began as a small group of friends and family has grown into Toren, and now we’re here striving to provide gear that fits just how you want and has the features you need.

Welcome to Toren - we're so excited to begin our journey with you!!


Ethan Wishnick Founder

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