Make an Impact


We believe that every business has a responsibility to be a positive force in the community. To that end, we’re committed to doing our part to get kids active outdoors.

With each purchase you make from Toren, you will be helping to send kids from low-income, inner-city communities on outdoor experiences.

Studies show that kids who spend time being active outdoors not only grow up to lead healthier lives, but are more likely to develop a strong lifelong connection to nature and environmental stewardship. With each purchase you make from Toren, you will be contributing to a child’s experience and building the community that will work to combat the endless list of perils our environment is facing, sustaining it for generations to come. We’ve partnered with two great organizations, The Fresh Air Fund and Big City Mountaineers. Over the last 137 years, The Fresh Air Fund has helped over 1.7 million children and continues to have a powerful influence in the lives of the young people in the New York City area.

Big City Mountaineers, based in Denver and serving the youth population in 8 urban areas, transforms the lives of under-served youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions that instill critical life skills. We’re thrilled and honored to be partnering with these organizations, helping to cultivate our next generation by getting kids active outdoors.

There is much to be done –
we’re ready to get started.